Immune defenses

What is Immunity?

Immunity is the body defense system against foreign agents, especially infectious agents, that can threaten its proper functioning. (1) The collection of cells, tissues and molecules that help resist infection are called the immune system. The reaction of all these actors to defend the body is the immune response (2).

What happens if my immunity is reduced?

Signs of a weakened immune system can be (3):

- Fatigue more intense and more installed than usual; you have trouble regaining your energy

- Sensitivity to infections, you catch all the small surrounding viruses, you have a series of colds ...

- Difficult healing, when you injure yourself your healing time is longer.

Can you be affected?

Each of us can be affected by weakened immunity, especially during winter or changing seasons. However, some populations are more at risk:

- Smokers: chronic inhalation of cigarette smoke alters a wide range of immune functions (4)

- Overweight or obese people: obesity and overweight can cause immune system dysfunction (5)

- The elderly: With age, the immune system weakens: the immune response becomes slower and less effective (3)

- Young adults under stress: high stress can cause immune system dysfunction and lead to susceptibility to infections (6)





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